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賀大衛名譽教授 新書發表會暨座談

時間 Date:2022/5/30 Mon.  9:30AM

地點Location:綜合院館南棟13樓 社科院第一會議室  1st Meeting Room of CSS, 13F, South Wing, General Building of Colleges

主持人Host/官大偉    政治大學民族學系系主任
                        KUAN Da-wei   Chair of the Dept.of Ethnology, NCCU
作者Author/賀大衛     政治大學民族學系名譽教授
                       David HOLM    Emeritus Professor, Dept. of Ethnology, NCCU
作者Author/蒙元耀    廣西民族大學教授
                       MENG Yuanyao    Professor, Dept. of Minority Languages, Guangxi University for Nationalities
與談人Discussant/康    豹    中央研究院近代史研究所研究員
                                 Paul R. KATZ    Distinguished Research Fellow in the  Institute of Modern History, Academia Sinica

線上會議連結Online Meeting:
Google Meet:已更新)
Zoom ID: 947 6869 5826 ( PW: 6Dphzd )



The Brigands’ Song: Serving in the Army of a Native Chieftain

A Traditional Song Text from Guangxi in Southern China

賊歌 (Fwen Caeg):在土司軍隊當士兵為題材的廣西壯族傳統對歌唱本


translated and annotated by David Holm and Meng Yuanyao

賀大衛與蒙元耀  譯註



This is an annotated edition of a traditional song text, written in the Zhuang character script. The Brigands’ Song is part of a living tradition, sung antiphonally by two male and two female singers. Quite unusually, the song focusses on the experiences of ordinary men and women during wartime in pre-modern China. The narrative relates how the men are sent off to war, fighting as native troops on behalf of the Chinese imperial armies. The song dates from the Ming dynasty and touches on many topics of historical significance, such as the use of firearms and other operational details.



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