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Date 2021-11-21

The Department of Ethnology aims to pursue excellence in teaching and research, cooperate with the other institutes in NCCU for the university’s long-term development, and contribute the society. As mentioned above, this department aims to “incorporate the linguistic, literal, historical, cultural, sociological and governmental approaches, adopt the theories in related disciplines within humanities and social sciences, reveal the natures of multiple ethnic phenomena, and seek for both the conciliation of ethnic conflicts and the achievement of ethnic justice through academic research and social praxis”. Therefore, the department dedicates to foster its students’ ability in understanding the multi-ethnic phenomena and cultural diversity, carrying out their humanistic concerns, and harmonizing the ethnic relations on the basis of ethnic justice.

In general, the department goals can be concluded as:

  1. the advance of theories in ethnology
  2. the education for holistic worldview, cultural-sensitive observation ability, independent judgment and critical thinking, courageous action and praxis
  3. the dedication to ethnic studies and ethnic justice.
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